Our Patriot Ancestors

Listed below are the Patriot ancestors of our chapter members, the state they served, and their service. American Revolutionary War Patriots include signers of the Declaration of Independence, members of local and state militias, members of the Continental Army or Continental Navy, men and women who rendered other types of aid to the cause of independence, and those taking oaths of loyalty. With a few exceptions, military service began with the Battle of Lexington (19 April 1775) and ended when the British evacuated New York (26 November 1783). Patriots may have also provided civil service, conducting public business in the newly formed American states.



In participation of the National Society's America 250! Committee, our chapter's Public Relations and Media Committee presents "Patriot Profiles" each week to honor and recognition of our chapter members' American Revolutionary War Patriots.

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Joseph Adna Abbott, MA–SGT

John McKnit Alexander, NC–CAPT, CS, PS

Prince Allen, VT–PVT

David Angell, RI–PVT

Peter Armantrout, VA–SOL

Daniel Axtell, PA–PA

Ichabod Backus, MA–PVT

Daniel Baldridge, NC–PVT, PS

Daniel Ball, NC–SGT

Brinsley Barnes, NC–PS

Jacob Barnhart, PA–CPL

Fortunatus Bassett, MA1LT

Edmund Beach, CT–PS

Elnathan Beach, CT–PVT

Michael Beam, VA–PVT

Thomas Bedford, Sr., VACS, PS

Andrew Bigelow, MA–PVT

Ichabod BlackledgeNJPVT

Sardius Blodgett, VTPVT

Conrad Bobb, PASOL, PS

Francis Bourne, VACPL

Lilly McIlhaney Bowen, VAPS

Andrew Bowers, SC–PS

John Bowie, SC–CS, PS, MAJ

Christian BowmanPASOL

Isaac Bradley, CTPVT

Jacob BrakeVALT

Robert Bratton, VAPS

Benjamin Brooke, PACAPT

James Brooke, Sr., PAPS

Burwell Brown, VAPS

Joseph Brown, NJCAPT

Thomas BrownVAPS

Samuel Brownell, RIPVT

Robert Brownfield, Jr., PAPVT

Archibald Buchanan, VACS

Asa Bullard, MAPVT

James Bullock, GAPS

Jesse Burke, VTCAPT

Pierre Buteau, PS–CA

Robert Butterfield, NHPVT

Charles Biles/Byles, NCPVT

Jonathan Cady, CTCAPT

James Carruth, MAPVT

Joseph CarmanVAPVT

Samuel Cecil, VACS, PS

John Childress, VAPVT

Jacob Clader, PA–CAPT

Asahel Clark, CTENS

Henry Clay, VAPS

William Cone, GAPS

Joshua Cook, NJPVT

Timothy Copp, MAPVT

Joseph CoreyNJCPL

William CornettVAPVT

Benjamin Corson, PAPVT

Robert Corthell, MA–CPL, PS

James Cox, MDMAJ

Joseph CrowellNJPVT

Amos Culver, CTPVT

William Currence, VAPS

Nathan DaggettMA–PVT, PS

Azariah Darby, PVT–VT

Frederick Deck, PA–PS

Simon Dixon, NC–PS

Pierre Doucet, LA–PS

Jeremiah Du BoisNJPVT

Daniel Dennison, Jr.–NY, SGT

John Dent–VA, LT

Andrew Dillman, Jr.–PA, PVT

Daniel Dillon, NCPS

Simon Dixon, NC–PS

Joseph Dungan, Sr.–PA, PS

Andrew DyePAPS

William Elmer, CTPVT

Timothy Emerson, NH–PS

James Fearing, PVT–MA

Shubal Fearing, SGT–MA

Samuel Felt, CTLT

Philip Ferrin, NHENS

Joshua Fish, NY–PVT

Abraham Fisk, PVT–NY

William Flansburgh, LT–NY

Samuel Fraunces, NY–PS

David Frame, VA–CS

Jonas Friend, VA–CS, PS

Jeremiah Gard, PA–PVT

Thomas Gay, NC–PS

Joseph Getchell Jr., MA–CORP

Warham Gibbs, CT–CAPT

Robert Givens, VA–SOL

William Givens, VA–PS

John Goff, VA–PS

David Goodrich, Jr., CT–PVT

David Goodrich, Sr., CT–PS

John GreeningVA–PVT

William Gregory, VA–PS

Richard Gresham, MD–CAPT, CS, PS

Benjamin Hale, CT–CS

Daniel Hale, CT–PVT, PS

Richard Hale, Sr., RI–PS

Stephen Hale, VA–PS

Timothy Hale, Sr., CT–PS

Benajah HallCT–NONCOM

David Hall, DE–COL

Eliakim Hall, Sr.CT–CS, PS

Benjamin Hamrick, VA–CPL

George Harkness, SC–SGT MAJ

William Harris, VA/PA–PVT

Zachariah Harwood, VT–CS

Joel Hawes, MA–SGT

William Haymond, VA–CAPT

Henry Heller, PA–PS COL

George Herkimer, NY–COL

John Hersey, MA–PVT

George Hiatt/Hyatt, NC–PS

Michael Hider, NC–PS

Spencer Hill, VA–PVT

John Hills, CT–CAPT, PS

John Justus Hinkle, Sr., VA–PS

Eleazer Hinman, CT–CS

George Hobson, NC–PS

George Hollister, CT–PS

Thomas Hollister, Sr., CT–PS

John Hopkins, VA–CAPT, CS, PS

Caleb Hopkinson, NH–PVT

Jonathan Hopkinson, NH–PVT

James House, NC–SOL

William House, CT–PS

John Houston, VA–CS, PS

Samuel Howland, MA–PVT

John Hubbar, MA–SGT

Justus Hubbell, NY/VA–PVT, CS, PS

George HuckleberryPA–PVT

Frederick Hummel, PA–PVT

George Hyatt, NC–PS

John Ingraham, SC–PVT

Elijah Janes, MA–SOL

John Jennings, MD–PS

David Johnson, NJ–PS

Elihu JohnsonCT–PVT

John JohnsonMA–PVT

Richard Jones–NC PVT

Martin Judy, Jr., PA–PVT

David Kaufman, VA/NC–SOL, PS

Ebenezer Kendall, NH–CS, PS

Jonathan Kendall, MA–CS, PS

Daniel Kibbe, CT–PVT

Daniel Killen, PA–PVT

Casper Knaub, Sr., PA–PVT

William Koch, PA–PVT

Henry Koons, MD–PS

Francois Le Bas, FR–SOL

James Low, VA–PVT

John Mangum, SC–PVT

Uriah MarvinCT–PVT

John Matter, Jr., PA–SOL

Mathew McConnellNY–SGT 

William McFadden, SC–SOL, PS

Gaun McGraudy, PA–SOL

James McLean, CT–PVT

John McMillanVA–CS, PS

Jonathan Mulkey, VA–PVT

Neal McMullen, PAPVT

James Meadows, NC–PVT

Thomas Milliken, PA–PS

John Mills, VA–CAPT

Samuel Mitchell, VA–PVT

Leonard Morris, VA–PS

William Murphy, NJ–CS

Henry Myers, MD–PS

Charles Near, NY–PVT

Robert Nelson, SC–STAFFOF, PS

Ebenezer Newton, NC–SOL, CS, PS

Ambrose NilesCT–CS

Beriah Oakes, MA–PVT

Robert Orr–PA, CAPT

Luke Palmer, PS–VA

Nathan Paine, RI–SOL

Jeremiah Page, NH–PS

Aaron Parsons, Sr, MA–CS

Samuel PaschallNC–PS

John Patterson, Jr., PA–PVT

Joseph Peake, CT–PS

Prince Peckham, MA–LT

Peter Perlee, NJ–PVT

Jesse Perrin, MA–CAPT

Gabriel Peterson, PA–LT

Elijah Phelps, CT–SOL

Abner PinneyCT–NONCOM

Daniel Pratt, VA–PVT

Robert Ramsay, PA–CAPT

Jeremiah Riggs, CT–CPL

Michael Ringer, PA–PVT

Cornelius Roberts, VA–SOL

Josiah Hill Rogers, NC–CAPT

Peter Roof, PA–PVT

John Rorebaugh, VA–PS

Stephen RuddleVA–CS PS

Gersham Rust, MA–SGT

Ezekiel SampsonMA–PVT

Seth Sheldon, CT–CS, PVT

Daniel Sherman, MA–CPL

Godfrey Shew, NY–SGT, PS

George Shillideay, VA–PS

George Shoemaker, PS–VA

Patrick Shockney, PA–PVT

Manoah Singleton, VA–LT, CS

John Skidmore, VA–MAJ, CS

Isaiah Slaven, VA–PVT

Samuel Smith, Sr., MA–PS

Daniel Solsbee, PA–PVT

Thomas Stadden, PA–PVT, PS

William Stanley, NC–PS

Thomas Stevens, CT–1LT

Butler Stonestreet, VA–PS

James TaggartNH–LT

Willet TaylorNJ–PVT

George Teeter, VA–SOL, CS, PS

James Thompson, NC–PVT

Thomas Tilton, DE–PS

Henry Timberlake, VA–PS

Samuel Truss, NC–LT, PS

Jonathan Tyler, NH–PVT

Gerret G. Van Hoesen, NY–SOL

Jans Casperus Van Hoesen, NY–PS

John Vail, NJ–PS

Thomas Vestal, NC–PS

Thomas Wallace, NC–CAPT

George Walters, PA–PVT

Samuel Weakley, PA–PVT

Jacob Webster, NH–CAPT

Moses Whitcomb, MA–SGT

Benjamin White, MD–PS

Samuel WhiteMA–PVT

William White, PA–SOL

John Wilcoxson, NC–PS

Solomon Willard, MA–CS

Elisha Williams, MD/VA–CS, PS

Peleg Williams, NH–LT

James Williams, SC–COL, PS

Permenas Williams, NC–PS

Benjamin Wilson, VA–COL, PS

Amos Woodin, MA–SGT

Allen Woodson, GA–SOL

William Wright, PA–PVT

Henry Wyatt–VA, PVT

Christian Zabriskie, NJ–PS


Glossary of United States, Country, and Patriot Service Abbreviations:


CT — Connecticut

DE — Delaware

GA — Georgia

LA — Louisiana

MD — Maryland

MA — Massachusetts

NH — New Hampshire

NJ — New Jersey

NY — New York

NC — North Carolina

PA — Pennsylvania

RI — Rhode Island

SC — South Carolina

VT — Vermont

VA — Virginia


FR — France

CA — Canada



CAPT — Captain

COL — Colonel

CPL — Corporal

CS — Civil Service

ENS — Ensign

LT — Lieutenant

1LT — First Lieutenant

MAJ — Major

NONCOM — Non-commissioned Officer

POW—Prisoner of War

PS — Patriotic Service

PVT — Private

SGT — Sergeant

SGT MAJ — Sergeant Major

SOL — Soldier

STAFFOF – Staff Officer

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Artwork credit: Don Troiani (Used w/Permission)